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Una visita guiada

Friday March 30th 2018, 17:00
On March 30 from 5-8pm Studio for Immediate Spaces students (Sandberg) & Jordi Colomer & Andrea Rodriguez Novoa invite you to public guided visit of Eindhoven.

This tour is the result of a weeklong workshop at De Fabriek on the question of how to build space by means of writing/reading it otherwise.
During the week, we will walk together through and along different spaces and visit diverse spots in the city of Eindhoven. A tour driven by the tutors with the help of local practitioners of (un)related fields whose eyes and words will be the starting point to re-imagine those sites and for the participants to build up their own guided visit of the town and its outskirts. We want to explore re-appropiation of a local, global, changing and multiple-languaged space, as a critical, politicized look to the land.

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