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twee maanden schilderen in De fabriek

Pieter Stoop /

twee maanden schilderen in De fabriektwee maanden schilderen in De fabriek
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Friday December 2nd 2011, 16:00

REMEDIATING MEDIA (TV is dead: long live TV!)

Sam Nemeth(NL) / Jelle Dekker(NL) / Frits Stam(NL) / Hugo Christiaans(NL) / Don Willems(NL) / Jochem van Kapel(NL) / Rens Brankaert (NL) / Kacper Holenderski / Mark Kwikkers(NL) / Ard Jacobs / Marieke de Rooy(NL) / Vivian Welten(NL) / Nicolas Nelson(NL) / Jeffrey Lemmens / Zhiyuan Zheng / Bianca Wu / Sergei Lojko / Vincent Klerkx / Marco van Beers(NL) / Hakki Altun / Stephan Hoes / Mark Thielen / Jurrian Tjeenk Willink(NL) / Teun van Roessel(NL) / Rhys Duindam(NL) / Janne van Kollenburg(NL)


TV is dead: long live TV!
TV is widely seen as a medium that's in its final phase. People under 40 enjoy other activities: gaming, social networking or just surfing the web. But the glass teat is still present in the pores of society and figures indicate an increase in consuming TV shows by young target groups.
In the last two weeks of November 2011, ending with a presentation on the 2nd of December, students of the Industrial Design department of the Technical University Eindhoven will build 4 interactive installations. The installations have one thing in-common: they will be a 'remake', of a TV show, a representation of the same vision by means of another medium.
To give an idea: in 2010 the team that remediated the TV show Mad Men presented a neat 60-ies office and smashed it to pieces. Another team presented a room with a shifting reality based on the Breaking Bad series.
In 2011 students of the TU Eindhoven than before will use the complete Fabriek to shape their imagination. After the presentation the remediating media-party starts.

De Fabriek is the mythical art centre in Eindhoven where artists like Gerrit van Bakel and Dick Verdult worked and presented in the 1980ies and, more contemporary, Joost Conijn placed a plane on the roof in 1999. De Fabriek is still alive and kicking, and what's more important, still a genuine artist run centre without managers or large overhead . De Fabriek kindly offered TU/e to use their premises for the Remediating Media project.

The Remediating Media event is produced by Sam Nemeth as a master module in the TU/e curriculum: intense workshops of 2 weeks that focus on one specific subject. Sam Nemeth is part–time lecturer/coach at the TU Eindhoven since 2006, journalist and film maker.

Remediating Media TUE MastersRemediating Media TUE MastersRemediating Media TUE MastersRemediating Media TUE MastersRemediating Media TUE Masters
Remediating Media, The MentalistRemediating Media, The Mentalist
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