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Thursday October 29th 2009, 20:00

History of Blood

Iwan Widjono(ID)

Zaterdag 30 oktober 20.00 in “De Fabriek”.

About “a history of blood”:
Along the human civilization, much blood has been shed to fight against tyranny, the feudal system, religion and ideologies.
In the end these sacrifices have been serving the chaotic free market.
We need more blood for future changes, no more for greed, profit, capital and materialism but for a spiritual revolution.
We have to go up a level, and focus on spirituality.
Since the modern system started, the whole mechanism of society is based on materialism and logic to break our perceptions of our earth, our body, our food, our environment and our beliefs.

About Iwan Wijono:
Wijono was born in a few decades ago, under the Soeharto regime in the city of Solo, Central Java, in the strong moslem Javanese family, where the influence of the feudal culture is still strong. Also where the global culture situation (from the west) is dominant and becomes the standard of existence for the middle class to the top. While studying international law (graduated from Indonesian Islamic University) and painting (Indonesian Institute Of Art) in Jogjakarta (Indonesia), Wijono became active in the pro-democracy movement against the Soeharto regime, who was known to be KKN (Collusion, corruption and nepotism) and to guard against the continuation of the power of the Soeharto government wich was known to be feudalistic, capitalistic and militaristic. And moreover the young Indonesians who had a new ideology that is 3M : Microsoft, Mc Donalds, MTV.
In the 1990’s he became known as a pro-democracy street performer with (or without) political demonstration. Besides a political awareness, Wijono gained an aesthetic understanding that performance art was a milieu that could be undertaken anywhere and was not restricted by exhibition space, public or even the time of the activity. His early performance art interventions evolved to include arts events both locally and internationally throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.

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