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Staties van naamloze energie

Peter Baren /

Staties van naamloze energieStaties van naamloze energie
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Friday March 20th 2015, 19:00

27 Below en 35 jaar De Fabriek Feest! Expo, Eten, Muziek!

Chad Stayrook(US) / Ian Page(US) / Jessica Segall(US) / Jess Perlitz(CA) / Christy Georg(US)


De tentoonstelling is open van zaterdag 21 t/m zondag 29 maart. In het weekend van 13:00 - 17:00 u. Door de week op afspraak. 


Voetnoot van het Bestuur

De Fabriek bestaat 35 jaar! Slechts een paar jaar jonger dan de gemiddelde leeftijd van het huidige bestuur, het derde bestuur welteverstaan. Er is veel veranderd sinds de kraak in 1980, maar er is ook veel hetzelfde gebleven. De mentaliteit bijvoorbeeld; Alles voor de Kunst! Het vrijwillige bestuur, zelfs in tijden waarin het woord professionalisering nog in de donkerste natte schuur op de agenda stond. De verloren notulen en de chaos (ook wel creatief vertaald naar flexibiliteit en plezier!). En natuurlijk de onvergetelijke projecten van de vele kunstenaars die in De Fabriek hebben gewerkt en geëxposeerd. Ruimte, tijd, veel mogelijkheden en (iets minder) budget; een gouden formule voor de kunstenaar om verder te komen met zijn/haar werk. Dat is de kracht van De Fabriek. Misschien nog wel meer in een tijd waarin alles wat niet economisch rendeert wordt geschoffeld. De crisis is nog niet voorbij. Ondertussen wordt er in Eindhoven rustig geschiedenis geschreven, midden in een woonwijk. Zonder de essentie uit het oog te verliezen. Zonder genade! Hiep Hiep!


27 Below is an exhibition of accumulated works and time from 5 artists who have traveled to De Fabriek to work together for 20 days and 20 nights. The artists have not worked together as a group prior to the residency at De Fabriek, and for most this is their first time in Eindhoven. What binds them together as a group is a shared past experience of having once voyaged as artist-travelers on a boat to the Arctic Circle. Now, as a group of outsiders once again, they are anchoring at De Fabriek and the expedition will become an exhibition. The selected crew share an approach to making: the creation of fictional worlds, containers, devices, endurance performance and the spirit of adventure. The space at De FabrIek will mimic the tiny little vessel that kept the artists alive on their previous trips to the harsh and remote environment of the Arctic Circle. The space in Eindhoven will become a site for the artists to experience, interpret, and mark with collective memory.


Christy Georg makes sculptural instruments and devices which function either actually, or metaphorically. Her projects often involve making a device or a situation to communicate with the natural landscape, or a historical site or story – something she considers raw, true, and amazing, which demands her attention and response. Their meticulous craftsmanship lends them authority as functional objects, but upon inspection, they may seem quite absurd, fetishistic, alchemical, or otherwise uncanny. Their elusive, esoteric function tickles curiosity and speculation.


Ian Page uses video, sculpture, and performance to evoke the complications of ideology in science, superstition, and knowledge. His intent is to create and reflect a contemporary mythology surrounding infrastructure, nature, and consumerism. In his work he compares, aligns and misaligns these forms of self-perpetuating ideology. Writing is a large part of his practice, often creating the germinal idea for a work in the form of a title, phrase, or concept. Titles like "Pinch Pot Toilet Paper" and "Things That Make Fire, on Cushions" are plucked out of his ongoing writing about various modes of human history in relation to civility, infrastructure, and technology.


Jess Perlitz is an artist whose work is focused on considering sculpture's use and the articulation of space through examining participation, individual and collective agency and the symbolic.  Merging utility with metaphor to shift structures of communication, she builds physical objects addressing the places and spaces in which we see or are seen.  She makes objects that people can speak through to amplify voices,  gives people absurd weapons, flags or megaphones so they can consider the act of saying something, and inhabits the symbols we use to communicate to consider collisions of desire.  She uses these tools to think how we collectively organize, what constitutes voice and ownership over space, and the points where we do and don’t come together as individuals and in communities.


Chad Stayrook plays the role of artist, research scientist, and adventurer to document the process of discovery. He resuscitates the methods of historical explorers whose exploits trended towards romantic, even magical experiences and he brings them into a contemporary world that is dominated by empirical procedures, where the romance of scientific pursuit has been discouraged. He uses material from these “art expeditions” to create work across mediums and amalgamate them into expansive and evolving bodies of work that combine rigorous “scientific” research, innovative invention and romantic spirit to explore the unknown.


Jessica Segall is a multidisciplinary artist living in New York City.  With a mix of humor and labor, her work investigates energy transfer and the link between creativity and survival; engaging current cultural attitudes towards adaptation. Risk, vulnerability and a conscious ecology underline all of her work, while maintaining a position of radical optimism.


Chad Stayrook www.chadstayrook.com
Christy Georg www.christygeorg.com 
Ian Page http://ianpage.net
Jess Perlitz www.jessperlitz.com
Jessica Segall www.jessicasegall.com

Arctic Circle Project: www.thearcticcircle.org

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